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When it comes to calendar plugins for WordPress, one of the most popular and most stable is The Events Calendar from Modern Tribe, Inc. This is a free plugin that offers the option to purchase a pro version that would include some features not available in the standard, free plugin. The benefit of this plugin is that it is easy to use, it generates its own calendar page, and it comes with a widget that can be posted in your sidebar that will display upcoming events.


Step 1

events-dashboard-access2To access your Events plugin from the Administrator Dashboard, look for “Events” in the left-hand column and mouse over it. You will be offered a selection of options to choose from. For now, let’s focus on adding a new event. To do so, click on “Add New”.




Step 2


After you click on “Add Event”, you will be brought to the Add New Event page. You will note that this page also comes complete with the TinyMCE Advanced WYSIWYG editor. This will allow you to “doll up” your event by adding additional text and images. For now, however, we will focus on the bare basics.

To add a new event, let’s first, start by adding a title to the title bar. This can be any descriptive title you wish.

Step 3

event-timeTo add an event time and date, scroll down until you locate that section. If it is an All Day Event, tick on that box to select it. Doing so will remove the time settings and leave you only with date. If it is not an all day event, do not tick on that box.


To set the date of the event, click in the text box by “Start Date & Time”. One nice feature of this plugin is that a pop-up box displaying monthly calendars of the next three months will appear. To select a date, click on the date within the monthly calendar.


Once your date is selected, click on the hour drop-down menu to select the hour in which your event begins. Do the same for the minute drop-down menu — which is displayed in 5-minute intervals. Finally, choose am or pm from that drop-down menu. Repeat the times for the “End Date & Time”. Please be aware that the end time displays “pm” by default and will not change to “am” unless you select it.

Step 4

event-categoriesFinally, if your calendar has several categories available, you will want to select the proper category within the “Event Categories” widget, located at the right-hand side of the page. For most of my customers, there will only be one category. It will still need to be selected before publishing.

After you have selected your category, you may click on the blue “Publish” button, located near the top of the right-hand column.

Step 5

event-widgetIf your event has been successfully published, and your website has the Events Widget installed on your website’s front-end, you should see the new event displayed in the “Upcoming Events” widget.




Note on basic, free version of The Events Calendar: The version most commonly installed on my customers’ websites is the standard, free version of The Events Calendar plugin. The Pro version offers several additional features, such as the ability to add recurring events automatically. This plugin upgrade currently costs an additional $98 from Modern Tribe, Inc. If your business or organization wishes to add the Pro version upgrades to your website, you can either purchase it directly by visiting The Events Calendar Pro webpage — or you can send me the money and I will purchase and install it for you.

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